Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Interview With Lil Bro!!!

Well WYDIANs today I have finished all of my assignments and am having a sour throat ;( it really hurts actually as I was feeling that I was going sick since yesterday, anyway I found myself logging to blogger and updating my fact blogging is fun, that is a fact I have to admit, when people I dunno come to me and tell me they loved this article or that essay it just feels great, to write something and know that people turn on their computers and read it is just a magical feeling, in my opinion, that is the magic of blogging, what makes blogging a fun thing to do.

Anayway I am trying not to obligtate myself of updating my blog daily but as long as the time is available there should be no problem ^^

In the beginning I was going to write about hacking in wyd ( as I have some really interesting ss of some famous guild members shooting arrows through walls!!!!! ) but I was kinda lazy to switch to laptop as I was doing something on my bro's desktop so I thought why not interview him @@?!! He is a low lvl newbie blk mage so I thought that it would be nice to know how the newbie's of WYD feel and think of the new events @@ my bro is 10 years old and he was happy when I told himn that we were making that interview xD

WickedSnake: Good to have you here ^^

LilBro: Thank you thank you ^^ I am really happy that I am being interviewed xD

WickedSnake: Yes I would be glad to make sure that you get heard :)

LilBro: Okay let's begin

WickedSnake: First of all, tell us about your character....

LilBro: Well its a blk mage called Julianna which I got from you actually, its now lvl 301 ^^

WickedSnake: That's nice :) how are the lvling quests?

LilBro: Well I think they should increase the experience we get from items which drop from monsters ;(

WickedSnake: What makes you say that @@?

LilBro: Well it takes me a very long time to lvl :( if the experience was higher we could level faster ^^

WickedSnake: Maybe they should consider this, what else bugs you about leveling quests @@?

LilBro: They PK me ;(!!!!

WickedSnake: LOL I don't think that can be solved, you need to be strong so you can pk them back ;)

LilBro: I will xD

WickedSnake: How do you make money in game??

LilBro: I hunt scraps, make powders and sell 'em

WickedSnake: That's nice

LilBro: I also run in desert and take items which drop from afk players and sell them ^^

WickedSnake: That's a nice one. How are the events going with you?

LilBro: I wish they have events like they had in SD before it go bad...

WickedSnake: Like....?

LilBro: There was that "The god have gone crazy" event, it was really fun ^^

WickedSnake: Yes I remember this one, when they had monsters outside armia dropping exp chests, powders and water M, that was really fun xD

LilBro: Yes people enjoyed it

WickedSnake: I dun think they ca have such thing here due to CC Mode

LilBro: Yah...

WickedSnake: Okay what are you current ambitions in this game??

LilBro: I wan reach lvl 351 *-*

WickedSnake: COUGH yah how ambiotious...!!

LilBro: Then I wanna make god class character xD

WickedSnake: Okay lil bro, is there something that bugs you in this game @@?

LilBro: Yes people tell me bad words....

WickedSnake: What do you mean.....?

LilBro: They cuss me and I take SS but I dunno what to do with em ;(

WickedSnake: Why you haven't told me LOL I would be more than glad to get some chat bans tonight!!!!

LilBro: Thanks ^^

WickedSnake: Anything you would like to tell WYDIANs before we finish??

LilBro: Yes I would like to tell them to watch out because Julianna is coming!!!!!!!

WickedSnake: Yah....=.='!!!

That was it, interview with a real WYD newbie, a beginner's mind from the inside. Hope yall liked it ^^

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