Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dr. Wicked...The Shrink Of Shrinks!!!

Well WYDIANS wicked snake is now locked and loaded, in fact he likes to come in with a big entrance :P Recently I have noticed that our community consists of two parts ( real and game community LOOL ) the first small part is the poor pathetic sane peopl!! The second part is the big insane part so guess what maniacs...your CURE is here!!! Every week on Dr.Wicked I will be posting about some of the insane wydians!!! We will listen to their problems, diagnose it and them give 'em the cure LOOL :P

Well here is how this will be done, every week I will be discussing cases and diseases...cases where we try to treat some certain people while diseases is...well we discuss some of the most common diseases among wydians @@

Case#1 batu-kaan

Dr. Wicked's observation: Well this guy is a mortal tk who barely knows any English except ehhh..nb, haha u cele, no kill me this guy runs in pk area hitting everyone like crazy..he just keeps hitting then till he kils him...when he kill you he says haha mortal kill high lvl/god class/cele in my case it was haha u cele then I come back I kill him he says zzz you cele @@!! He does nothing but begging people at armia batu stop it we want pk he doesnt listen and just keeps doing this crap...

Dr. Wicked's analysis: Well I guess in English this guy meant in the first time that it was haha that he can kill celestial while in the second time it was zzz that I was a celstial who kills mortals..well wtf do you want then? What the heck is your problem :S?!! I kill you dun like it and act like I am a bully I let him kill me he acts like haha I am the mortal who kills celestials :S so what the heck should we do?

Possible reasons for this: I guess this is because of childhood problems...when this guy was a kid he was bullied by other children so now it's time to pay them back through an online game @@ although you suck give yourself varied reasons for loosing...interesting case actually o.O' or maybe this person is just sort of violent dunno @@ anyway treatement is my job isn't it :P

Dr. Wicked's Suggested Treatement: Well my prescription is try talk to them my friend ^^!!! Go to them and tell them that they hurt your feelings in the past and it's time to let go of the past and live the present!! Maybe you guys can even become friends :D!!!!!! And if this don't work you can simply play another game because crap time is over buddy!! It's time for change so silk road is one of the places to be 0-O''!! Go get 'em tiger

Case#2 -Jock-

Dr. Wicked's observation: Well this guy is kind of addicted to pk..that isn't bad since this is a pk game but he is the type of guys who can pk you with absolutoly no are just going to do god class lvl 355 quest and you find him on your back killing you, you ask him why you kill me he dun reply and he walks around with a tab saying suck my ballz :S?!!! He kills you even if you were a lvl 220 mortal.

Dr. Wicked's Analysis: Well this guy probably was very noobish before in WYD and got pked a lot so he has some sort of psycological problem about it...he loves to make people feel his suffering that he suffered when he was a low level so yah..not used to power and just dunno how to do with it, pkes everyone just to look happily at his 3k+ frags and says yay..I am the biggest bully in WYD!!

Possible reasons for this: Well I guess this guy is a smal guy with a silly attitude so he keeps bugging people then he cries when they wip his a$$ he turns for a virtual world where he is the bully to satisfiy his deep psycological problem @@ I need to be a cyber bully because in real life well my dmg is like 120 def 50 and hp is 250 so yah!!!

Dr. Wicked's suggested treatement: Well jocky know this...people are not by their size its by their character..if you were 5 feet tall its okay my friend, dun cry and try to maybe read more, be nice to people and drop the geeky attitude and them maybe...if all of this dun work then you probably should just eat crap :D!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I guess those will be the two cases of the day now with our first disease, bullying...!!

Well fellow wydians bottom line about this is bullying sucks!! When you are a celestial who kills a lvl 220 mortal in desert who doesn't even have a red name and then tell him noob and crap then you are just sick and need to gimme a visit in my clinic ;) ( I take 60 dollars per hour @@!! ) and I will sure hae you fixed in no time :P because when you bully someone who is weaker than you then won't look like you like you are super strong they will just look at you like an idiot, especially that you know very well that you aren't like the strongest player in WYD as there are players out there who you run from oso so when you bully you can get bullied one day, so wydians we all should try to respect each other and give a friendly playing enviroment for the other players in order for this community to start growing bigger and bigger :D

Well folks Dr. Wicked will probably be with you guys like every week :P Stay tuned in and help us cure them sick people!!! Thanks for your time everyone, have fun ^^