Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wydian's Journal...Expect The Unexpected!! ( Part 2 )

Okay WYDIANS you all must be wondering what the "ex-champs" have in their sleeves :P Well I am not a magician so what I can tell you that is 100% right would be what I am up for the other WYDIANS I can't really tell, but I guess that I can guess..I mean why not? We all have the right to guess don't we :P

Okay first let's leave aside the assumptions and stick to the facts :P as I said the fact would be about me so as for me I think I can promise you guys this:

1. Some KILLER mock interviews which will make you guys sit on the edge of your chairs then you will end up rolling on the floor laughing. Believe me compared to what is coming the previous ones will look like a joke :P

2. I may as well be commenting on other bloggers in the wyd journal rumble :P yah I guess that should be much fun :P sum up of the matches of the week between the boxers-bloggers who are fighting for the one and only spot as the weekly winners :P

3. Putting them guilds under the microscope for the sake of my readers :P guilds under inspection so you guys can know what exactly you are dealing all will love that one I promise ;)

4. I might as well put some of the "legendary" players under the microscope to let you guys know how are they really like...but this isn't 100% granted but will try to pull it together for you guys ;)

That of course is in addition to other random topic which you guys will surely like :P

Well that was about me..what about the other fellow bloggers @@? Well lets check 'em out!!

1. Cooldude21

Well coolio is pressing hard this season as well folks...the rewards are glowing in his eyes and his fingers are running fast on the keyboard making them awesome posts that keep on winning and winning. Like me coolio has his eyes on the weekly reward which is a god class piece of armor perfect stats of your choice..unfortunately there is only one slot open and I really need to win the blog entry of the week for the entire contest to get my set ready...anyway coolio if you are the one who wins it I will be happy for you my friend xD so keep it up buddy. Bottom line people expect some butt kicking entries from CooooooOOOOLllllIIiiOOOoooo!!!


Well this one is just...oh it's me @@!! I guess I have already said enough for myself lol

3. -Soloran-

Well soloran was REALLY ahead of the race in season one and still doing well in this season as well but I think that he needs to get more fresh now like yesterday's post "Soloran's Jorney To Freedom" freshness my friend freshnessssss. Expect some routine breaking from soloran as he will try to get a new unique style, as you all have noticed he has began to add some comic like pictures which are really cool..keep it up bro/sis as I ain't sure really LOL

4. SultanJohor

Expect more blood and improved English!!

5. newbcake

Well I really dunno how he will keep writing comics about wyd for another month..I mean in the very beginning we were all like LOOOOL this is SOOOOO AWESOME then its LOL nice one then its lol the lol then...I mean show us some written stuff too buddy, it's a blogging not photoshop competition, I really like your comics so you don't get me wrong but I just dunno how you will keep doing this for the entire whole season @@. My expection that what will happen is one of three things, newbcake will either keep his hilarious comics coming and they will just keep getting better than they are already are or he will "descend" to written blog entries or he will just quit!! As for me I hope he keeps comics flowing because I really enjoy them and he is simply the author of the official WYD comic. I wish I can meet you in game buddy @@ btw I have read a piece of your writing when you posted comic piece about what you learned in season one and how newbcake was confused, bottom like you can really write so my suggestion to make your blog a KILLER is need to write about stuffs and add comic pieces about what you are blogging about ;) I say that this can give your blog a really big boost...all what you lack is a few lines that you are capable of writing perfectly.

6. claire

Guides guides and more guides, oh she will also be doing guides by the way.

Bottom line guys and gals the competition is really serious, tough and is getting tougher everyday..if you don't do it really outstanding it just won't be seen. Keep it up fellow bloggers, you are just doing great

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Cooldude21 said...

LMAO bro u already made me laugh like crazy lol.

i totally dig this entry. keep it up bro. btw read my entries bout the weekly xD

keep on rocking/blogging :D