Saturday, September 20, 2008

Baby Steps...A Blogger's Story ( part 2 )

I figured out that when people read a blog they are looking for one of two things...they need to find information or they are simply here to chill so I knew that I had to give the information that I wanna give in an entertaining way and that was when I first decided to loosen up a little bit, I mean after all having fun is what we all seek from this so I started adding more humor to my posts and after my blog's makeover it started to appear in the outstanding entries so when this became constant for a few days I knew that this was the blogging style which I was looking for and from that day I am proud to say that my blog was beginning to become more and more known among players that some people I have never knew come to congratulate me, I am not saying that all players are reading my blog but what I am sure of is that I have some constant readers and that is what makes me happy about this, because of that I ask all of my readers to post comments whenever they feel like t because comments is what makes me feel that this blog is alive ( beside the visitors counter of course lol )

As you all have seen what this contest really needs is determination and devotion, when you sit to your computer don't just type in any rubbish, put an effort in what you write and people will surely like because what comes out from the heart reaches the heart so feeling what you type is really important if you want people to respond to what you write, so basically the blogging thing is something that you all can do, you simply sit to your computer and talk to people about something, you reflect about what is going on with your own personal style...and that's it!! It's not complicated as many of you might think as it is actually a very good way of expressing yourself...for this contest I mainly stick to topics which are related to WYD because relation to WYD is an important aspect so anything about this game I wan share with you guys I just type it here so, what are you waiting for??!! START YOUR BLOG NOW!!!

In order for you to start blogging you first need to create a blog through one of the websites which hosts blogs ( which are many actually ) then you are ready to go but before you start your first essay you should keep those things in mind:

1. Try to have your own unique style, don't just be a copy of someone else's blog as this won't actually get you unique and the most important thing is be yourself.

Be creative in what you write and try not to repeat yourself, two people can write about the same topic, one can end up writing a masterpiece and the other ends up with a piece of crap so it actually depends on you to make what you write interesting to people.

Try to plan ahead...otherwise you will end up sitting in front of your computer for a long time before you even touch the keyboard so you need to have a system, the week is seven days and there are two suggested topics to blog about so you need to have articles ready for writing and publishing.

The last thing is never give up, the way to the top starts from the bottom ^^

I am really hoping to see more talented bloggers out there so the competition can get more intense...I hope it's you ;)

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