Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fake Interview With Caligstar!!

Well WYDIANs again it's time for one of my interviews, this week's interview is also a fake interview and this one will be with Caligstar...I know most of you dunno this guys but If you have read the post I wrote 2 days before this one you will know what I am talking about, anyway today we will be having a fake interview with Caligstar in which we will try to figure out what is really going on @@ Enjoy :P!!

Note: This interview is totally fictional, I have never done such interview with Caligstar, anyway the things which I highlight in blue are really said by him in his comments so mostly other than that is from the pure imagination. It's time for the weekly interview and can't find anyone better than this guy to make the interview about, here it is....

WickedSnake: Caligstar..It really sucks to have you here :)!!!

Caligstar: I know, thanks ^^!!

WickedSnake: You are welcome, we have so many things to talk about in this interview

Caligstar: I am all ears

WickedSnake: Well first of all lets begin with journal event, how is your blogging going?

Caligstar: Great, I have won this week and I got initiate pants as my reward ^^

WickedSnake: Yes you wrote a blog entry named initiate pants in which you told us everything about your initiate pants and how you made em +9 using 15 laks it was very exciting actually..

Caligstar: Thank you :D

WickedSnake: I mean that is the stuff people wanna read about you know, I guess before you write an essay you choose really exciting topics, like your initiate pants for example, you even titled it initiate pants, extremely creative actually

Caligstar: I know, that's why people copy from my blog, really sucks =.=

WickedSnake: We will get to that part don't worry :P now tell me about your blog...

Caligstar: Sure, as you can see my blog is full of really exciting essays @@!!

WickedSnake: *COUGH COUGH* yah, like....?

Caligstar: Like? It's all super exciting, like the initiate pants one for example. Didn't you enjoy how my pants went from +0 to + 9 @@?

WickedSnake: Yah I especially enjoyed the wait for 2.1 seconds part LOOOL that is very useful actually, you know I always count my time in fragements o seconds you know, like people can hold their stop watches and really wait for 2.1 seconds..keep it coming!!!

Caligstar: Keep what..?

WickedSnake: The bull sh**!!

Caligstar: Why makes you say that o.O'? If you don't believe me you can try drop it after 2.1 seconds yourself @@

WickedSnake: Yah right, anyway, I actually like the way you place titles for your essays, really creative which shows us that you really think about 'em.

Caligstart: Yah when you blog about kingdom war and guildwar you have two options, option A is to name it something like riding with heroes or war breaks out or anything creative from that such or instead you can name it kingdom war and guild war!!!

WickedSnake: Well as you have said in your blog "I’ve been accused of being a provoker, a lair, a cheater, and I have seen the “internet finger” more than once. But through all the idle chatter, one fact remains…I am an influencer. Simply reading is not enough in these harsh times. Gathering the facts of distorted truth must first begin by dissecting the rubble of shit that some of you call blogs" I guess you have the creativity of an influencer, good job ^^!!!!!

Caligstar: I know I am "I’m trapped as an adult in a world full of little kids. It isn’t often that intellectual thoughts of expression are formulated in such a style that radiates into the minds of others, or in this circumstance, the blogs of others."

WickedSnake: Yah, anyway I dun really see at is wrong with little kids, actually you act like you are 50 years old or something LOL also you said "I know how soft everybody is when it comes to little kids" what exacly does this mean :S?!

Caligstar: They need to know who is the boss around here!!!!

WickedSnake: :S

Caligstar: Let's speak about MSTR-FOEMA!!!

WickedSnake: Yah I was moving to that, what's going on between you both @@?

Caligstar: Well this "little sh**" sucks!!

WickedSnake: What maks you say that o.O'?

Caligstar: Well he copies from me, he can't write good stuff of his own so he steals from my brilliant blog @@!!

WickedSnake: Yah it actually lures people to steal from it as we can all notice! Anyway, have you tried to talk to him?? I mean what makes him turn to stealing after more than 60 days of continous blogging :S?!

Caligstar: I don't care about the past, I mean in this season for example he copied me when I wrote about the journal event and how bad it became

WickedSnake: And how did he do that??

Caligstar: Are you deaf :S?! I said he wrote about that too!!

WickedSnake: So what? It's a general topic LOL

Caligstar: What do you mean its my topic, beside he also wrote about the ancient weps and how removing the stats from them was bad to the competition

WickedSnake: LOOOL that isn't an idea!! That is a subject :S

Caligstar: I don't understand what you mean, all what matters that this guy is a thief!!

WickedSnake: Well did you try to report him to the CMs and the GMs....?

Caligstar: I did

WickedSnake: And what did they do about it??

Caligstar: Nothing!!!

WickedSnake: I see, that means that they invistigated the matter and found out that he isn't stealing anything, I actually have spoken to the guy and he said that he has never even seen your blog before you accused him of stealing from it

Caligstar: Well he is a liar and I know why CMs and GMs didn't do anything about it, it's because "I know how soft everybody is when it comes to little kids, so I’m sure crying to the GMs and CMs will play in your benefit"

WickedSnake: Yes grandpa I understand you ( WTF is he talking about LOL )

Caligstar: And Soloran also steals from me!!!!!!!

WickedSnake: Oh soloran also!! That is great actually, I pitty you man, you blog is so awesome that everyone just wants to steal from it, greatness is hard I know ( paranoya to the extreme!! )

Caligstar: "People know the truth now and that's all I ever wanted.!!"

WickedSnake: Yes they do, anyway I notice that you sort of have a problem if I may tell you, I am a shrink you know!!

Caligstar: They all need shrinks not me!!

WickedSnake: I know but dude don't you feel like you are having a problem? I mean the they all copy from me/ hate me/ envy me is not normal, maybe instead of making fun of you we should be helping you @@

Caligstar: I need help...?

WickedSnake: You need help..

Caligstar: I just said that!!!!!!

WickedSnake: Huh :S?!

Caligstar: You stole my idea "you small shit, I have attended college, go get some education, Reloaded. Keep giving me ammo dude" bla bla bla!!

WicekdSnake: Look dude it's like this, in my field , every word you say has a meaning @@!! for example you keep using the world little/small while you cuss me becase well you are so damn short!! I mean from your picture..well you are a small man so you keep using those words and you think that they will hurt MSTR-FOEMA's feelings, beside that you have probably had a very smal portion of education so you try to cover that up by always saying I went to college, I attended college. go get some education and stuff like this because you feel like people loo at you as an ignorant person, so you try get to that point before people get there, even if it was a high schol student speaking to you, you act like a college professor in the middle of a grop of illeterate people, you use the word "kid" as a cuss words and go weeping about people being soft wth kids because you probably had a crap childhood where your dad beated the heck out of ya, so basically you are a paranoid and complicating person who I wasted my time on for some time, and also wht exactly is " I worked for the police department and we had to wear this uniform when patrolling around our assigned area. We were pretty much security for the police department. Whenever we had an issue, we contacted dispatch and they relayed our information to a police officer. He/she would then respond and help us out. " you mean you petrol some place and when you see something illegal you scream?? LOL, for me this crap is over as I really have other things to care about, now you post here and say as much cussing as you want because it's simply this.

Nobody Cares What You Think!!!!

So if you think that there are more people copying from you go weep to GMs and CMs and please don't come back here, thank you for your time!!! You really had us entertained!!
Caligstar: .........
PS: This interview followed the system of all my previous interviews even the fake one which had you Dhar, I have the absolute right to defend myself as you guys can't do anything about this sort of harrasement, if you don't like it and gave me oris or even nothing I don't really care because I say what I think and I practice my rigt of defending myself, that is with my respect to the contest, its rules and the respectie CMs.

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