Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Selfishness!!

Hi everyone xD....

I recently started to realize that lots of us WYD players are extremely selfish, and when am saying selfish here I dun mean you don't go around giving items and gold for newbies, I mean we simply ain't supporting the game that gives us lots of fun the way it deserves......

Actually most of us players just login the game, have their share of fun and pk then they log out, till that point you didn't give WYD might wonder what the heck am I supposed to do to a game :S Matter of fact you have the right to be confused but if you thought about it for a moment you will get my point...MMORPGs are about communities not a bunch of pretty graphics and sound effects, you enjoy a MMORPG because you enjoy competing with the people around you, if the game lost the attractiveness of its community it will go down, bet on it.

The WYD community needs you, the forum for example, it's the beating heart of the community, don't just log it when you need to sell or buy some items, if you bother paying it a visit you will find lots of useful information there, you will also find lots of hot topics which aren't only WYD related as the forum has many categories so people there are talking about anything under the sun, paying it a visit will be a good won't regret it trust me ;)

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