Thursday, February 19, 2009


Well looks like we are lucky enough to get two updates in a really short time xD I guess now GMs can be excused for this month's kinda horrible events ;) Anyway what we have on the main wbsite is some teasers o.O so we will try get info on some and try to make wild predictions about the other ones ;) So let's begin...

1. Hardcore Character with different appearance

Okay, that sounds like something. New type of characters which are named HARDCORE sure sounds exciting lol, anyway what I heard is hardcore characters can be made from celes and god class at any level, and it is as strong as the character you have made it from ( so clearly better mae it at high level lol ) also can't be sealed and needs a free character spot to be created, it has a different look ( thx God xD ) and I guess it's called hard core for some reason o.O also I heard two rumors, one says if you level it and you die you go back to level one while the other one said they can't be leveled, anyway we will end up seeing for ourselves anyway ;)

2. Celestial character can get extra STAT points by completing required quest

Okay if this was a cele quest then YESSSSSSSS!! YAHOOO! finally something for celestials to do ( beside CC mode and pk of course )

3. Celestial character can now complete the God Quest (An Oath with the Spirit)

I think this can't be any clearer, the same Oath With The Spirit quest can now be made by celestial characters, sweet!!

4. Soul Character's class can be change

Uhmm I dun really get this one...did they mean the celestial character's class can be changed? As we all know when you make a soul you can make it a different class from the celestial so all we can actualy do is wait...

5. Guild War Challenge System change
6. Channel War System change

Changed how?? No idea lol

7. Lock System

For this one I hope it's like a system to lock on players so you dun end up losing lots of cp by accidentely killing running by noobs when you PK in desert, if it was like this then it would be REALLY comfy

8. Citizen Cape change

Ain't really sure bout this one but I guess it's either the system of changing citizenhip is changed or the citizen logos will be changed ( to spice things up for our tired eyes I guess ;) )

9. New Items:

- Mana Jewel: I guess this one is for leeching mana, would be particully useful with blk FM to prevent their mana to run out and they end up dying because no mana shield @@

- Revival Scroll: For those hardcore pkers who dun like to rely on chance AKA ressuruct sephira skills and wanna revive themselves in PK, not bad I think but ehhmmm what about guild wars? If I have 100000 reviving scrolls then what's the business? LOL

- Arcane Circlet: Natural evolution @@ I guess mystic circlet's time is now over @@ Maybe those ones come with the hardcore characters not sure

- Unique Items: Dragon and Crown: I heard it's from the kingdom leader of the server, be the kingdom leader of the server and you will find em in your cargo!!!!

I guess this sounds pretty cool, let's hope for more updates and to see those pretty soon, let's hope they dun take more than 2 weeks xD

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