Thursday, March 19, 2009

GM Stone Cold!!!

Well as last week's post said GMs were in for a treat :P Matter of fact their reaction was really surprising lol. I was thinking lately, what would happen demanded items and threatens to kill himself if his demands weren't met @@?? What would the GMs react if you threaten to take your life and put the legal blame on joy impact o.O?

Well why do we guess if we can try :P here is the Q&A I sent using my lil bro's acc.....
Title: nothing
life sucks, I suck at everything even this stupid game, if you don't send a +11 42/9 guardian scale set and +11 72 dmg throns of axes and a a critical SS to my account am killing myself. You guys are to be mentioned in my letter, hope they dun come in too late

Did this sound like an unorganized letter from a disturbed teen who is threatening to take his life unless some imaginary items where given to him?? Well check out the reply LOL

Thank you for using our Q&A section.

We would lime to inform to you that we cannot grant your request to have those items.
Be reminded that we are only giving rewards for specific Events.

Thank you very much for the relentless support in WYD Global.

GM Loki

What does this mean?? Well if you mean the translation it means go f*** yourslef you sonva B*** but in a formal polite way, also giving a middle finger gesture while saying it!!!

What other thing does this mean? It means GM Loki is freaking pro, if some idiot wanna kill himself for a GAME then I guess the world won't really lose much, if every player asks for some items and threatens to kill himself gets his wishes granted then this online gaming is so finished, of course in case the pro GM Loki had a doubt about if someone is going to be killed or bull of that type I sent him another Q&A

Title: its okay I was just kidding
Dear GM I was just kidding with you guys xD I just had this question running insanly through my mind, will killing yourself allow you to get free items @@? The answer is no lol

Anyway this makes a perfect material for my blog, nobody is killing himself here so don't worry ^^
BTW you really acted fast and in a professional way, well done :)

And here is GM Loki's reply xD

Thank you for using our Q&A section.

We appreciate that you understand our Game and Operation policy. Good luck and have a
great day.

Thank you very much for the relentless support in WYD Global.

GM Loki

So can killing yourself give you any free items in WYD Global? The answer is no!!!


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LOVED it!!!

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